Zenfolio | Yoshi's Steam Photo Gallery | Western Japan Mainline Steam Trains in 1972

There were quite a few unforgettable moments in 1972. Although the picture I took was a bit unsuccessful, I could visit Nunohara, the famous spot to see the D51 triple-headed freight 2492 train. My second and the last visit to Kabuto where D51 top-and-tailed freight trains were always working hard. D51 200 snap shot through the carriage window of my mid-school excursion. First distant journey to the Sanin region during my summer holiday break to see C57 and C11. The special C57 triple-headed passenger train at the Ikuno pass. Hard to believe almost 40 years has passed since then. I purchased a second-hand Canon FT with FL 50mm f1.4 prime lens in the spring of 1972 that was quite expensive shopping for me (I spent almost all of my saving !).