15th Jan: My first visit to Bluebell in 2012. B473 at the former West Hoathly station.
4th Feb: SECR P-class tank #178 near the Waterworks Bridge.
6th Apr: Public debut of visiting BR 9F #92212 from MHR at Bluebell !
15th Apr: Unfortunately when 9F came, I lost the Sun !
22nd Sep: Bluebell visit after a long absence (since April). It was a fantastic September day. SR U Class #1638 and SECR P-class #323 ‘Bluebell’ were in action.
6th Oct: GWR 8750 Class Pannier #3650 from Didcot and #323 ‘Bluebell’ were in action. Both engines were carrying a wreath in memory of Bluebell’s late President, Bernard Holden MBE.
13th Oct: SR U #1638 on the service A and LBSCR B473 on the Wealden Rambler Afternoon Tea service. The web announced that SECR H Class #263 for the service B but the 4pm service (45 min late approx.) was hauled by P Class #323 ‘Bluebell’.
16th Oct: The funeral train of Bernard Holden MBE top and tailed by ‘Birch Grove’ and ‘Stepney’. My deepest sympathy...
27th Oct: Bluebell visit to meet the long-awaited SECR H class #263. She was hauling the ‘Wealden Rambler’ afternoon tea train. It was very windy and chilly day and the heavy shower and the fine sunshine time by time.
2nd Nov: We had a beautiful autumn weather and it encouraged me to visit the Bluebell. GWR Pannier and SECR H Class were in action.
24th Dec: Bluebell Santa Specials Train on 2012 Christmas Eve. GWR Pannier, BR 9F, SECR H and LBSCR E4 were on duty.