Zenfolio | Yoshi's Steam Photo Gallery | Western Japan Mainline Steam (120 Film)

My old few pictures by 120 roll film. We called this type of the film "Brownie" at that time. All 6 by 6 pictures here were taken with "Primoflex" Toko f3.5 75mm lens and 6 by 9 with "Mamiya Super 23" Mamiya-Sekor f 3.5 100mm lens. The B&W pictures are by Fuji NEOPAN SS and the colour pictures by Fujicolour R, N and Kodak Ektachrome 64. Some pictures here, the B&W by Primoflex in particular, could not be identified where and when they were taken (sadly I lost my record). But they were believed to be taken sometime in 1971. I cannot imagine how I carried such a heavy camera (especially Mamiya) with other 35mm camera, lenses and a tripod and walked kilometres and kilometres to get the shooting point often under the very hot summer in Japan. I was, no doubt, young in early 70's.