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4th Jan: My first visit to Bluebell in 2015. SR S15 #847 and SECR H Class #263 were in action.
5th Apr: Bluebell visit on 2015 Easter Sunday. It was quiet Sunday at Bluebell perhaps because of the very dark weather ?
17th May: Bluebell visit to hunt for SR Maunsell Q-class !
25th May: Hunt for the Q again. First time to see U in 2015.
30th May: Hunt for the Red Baxter.
4th Oct: Although it was a bit hazy, we had a fantastic weekend weather again so I could not stop myself to head to Bluebell. My attempt to get a shot under the backlit condition was failed, though.
25th Oct: Camelot in action !
24th Dec: Bluebell 2015 Santa Special trains on Christmas Eve. Full of happy children with Santa Claus onboard !