5th Jan: My first visit to Bluebell in 2014. SECR H Class #263 was in action.
16th Feb: Despite the record breaking bad winter weather (wettest winter in 250 years...believing or not) we had a nice sunny day on 16th Feb so I decided to visit the Bluebell.
5th May: Quick morning visit to Bluebell on the Early May bank holiday.
14/15th Jun: Fathers Day Out to Bluebell. SR S15 #847, SECR H, C and P #263, #592 and #323 were in action. Unfortunately the weather on 15th was not as good as initially predicted but thanks to the lower temeprature, I enjoyed the good steam display by #592 in the morning. Although I was not suffered too much (except on my return to home), the traffic along Bluebell was not great by the road restriction due to the London Brighton Cycle Event on the day (Haywards Heath and along B2028 in particular).
3rd Aug: Tornado visit to Bluebell from 28 July to 3 Aug (e.g. today is the last day). I managed to drop in Bluebell to capture fantastic Tornado runs along Bluebell. GWR #5643 and SR U #1638 were in action too.
4th Oct: Very quick visit to Bluebell. Shortly after I took the B473 shot, we have a very heavy shower so I was quite lucky.
18th Oct: Another very quick visit to Bluebell. SR U 1638 was in action.
29th Nov: The weather was too good to stay at home. I managed to capture SR S15 847 and SECR H 263. The Sloop Inn has closed ? If so, it is a very shame !
6th Dec: Saturday 6th of Dec was a fabulous winter day ! and first day of Bluebell Santa Specials in 2014. SR U and S15 were in action.
24th Dec: Christmas Eve 2014. The weather was not too bad on the Eve 2014, but the Sun was not on my side today. Perhaps next time.
28th Dec: According to the forecast, the weather should be very good all day so I visited Bluebell (Three Arch bridge) again to make a revenge of 24th Dec !