Zenfolio | Yoshi's Steam Photo Gallery | Bluebell Railway Giants of Steam 2015

31st Oct: I think the last Bluebell "Giants of Steam" Gala was in October 2010 (30777 was a guest engine). Mainline certificated BR Britannia and SR Schools Cheltenham from MHR were initially planed to be visitors but unfortunately Britannia became unavailable and could not join. Instead, however, the arrangement is made for A4 Bittern from MHR to stand in for her. I visited Horsted Keynes early in the morning and found it was already completely packed by Gala visitors (and getting more busier as time goes) ! So I decided it is better not to drive around and stayed put around Horsted Keynes. After usual a-pint-lunch-break at "Green Man", I tried to get Freshfield and managed to find a space to park my car. The Freshfield Bank in the mid afternoon was relatively quiet and I enjoyed my time there to see beautiful sunset.