MHR The Autumn Somerset & Dorset Steam Spectacular in 2010. This year's visiting engine was the 7F #88 from the Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway. Newly restored Black 5 #45379, not steamed since 1965, was on her public appearance during the Gala. I visited on 11th and 12th (with my son 'Hid' on 12th). I was lazy enough to just stay most of the time near North Street. Without having the lineside permit, however, it is getting harder for me to find out the possible 'spots' from 'public' places along the line (especially during the Gala). On Sunday, Hid and I enjoyed the train-ride hauled by #88 as well as #45379 and we were impressed by seeing the 45 ton steam crane in action ! Std. 5 #73096 did not run on Sunday due to some problem and hope the trouble is not serious.