Zenfolio | Yoshi's Steam Photo Gallery | Mainline Steam 2013

Steam back to the London Underground to celebrate 150th Anniversary ! A few LU150 events through 2013. Met-1, L150 and Pannier 9466 were in action. Cathex by Tornado. The Cotswold Venture and Mayflower in the snowy morning by Tangmere. The Marylebone Flyer powered by GWR Castle. The Moonraker powered by Earl of Mount Edgcumbe. My first visit to Hurstbourne. THE GREAT BRITAIN VI by Tangmere. The Cathedrals Explorer powered by Clan Line. A4 Union of South Africa movement behind Class 47, haven’t seen her since Dec 2007. The Cheltenham Flyer powered by GWR Castle with the headboard saying “WORLD’S FASTEST TRAIN”. The Weymouth Seaside Express powered by Oliver Cromwell. My first visit to Westbury. Long waiting Braunton in charge of DCE on 14th Aug. This is her inaugural mainline run. DCE powered by Black 5 45231. The last time I saw this engine was in Sep. 2006 at Ropley, MHR ! My first visit to Dawlish. 2 steam trains running along the beautiful sea coast on 1st Sep. The Torbay Express by Braunton and The Royal Duchy by Black 5 44932 were in action. Cathex to Bluebell by Tornado and The Blue Bell Explorer TnTed by Braunton and 44932. The Kentish Belle Armistice Day Special by 44932. Quite a few Cathex running in December double headed by Black Fives 44871 and 45407. Last mainline tour of 2013 by Braunton’s The Salisbury Christmas Diner on 23rd Dec. Non-stop running from Waterloo to Salisbury. And of course many VSOE Surrey Luncheon by Clan Line except only one occasion by Braunton on 1st Nov.