Zenfolio | Yoshi's Steam Photo Gallery | Bluebell Railway Non-Gala Visits in 2013

1st Jan: My first visit to Bluebell in 2013. BR 9F #92212 and SECR H #263 in the great weather on the new year’s day.
2nd Mar: The Bluebell short visit on 2nd Mar. Perhaps my last visit before the Northern Extension Completion that will happen on 23rd Mar.
17th Mar: I thought my Bluebell visit on 2nd Mar would be the last visit before the extension but it is not. The weather on St. Patrick’s Day was, unfortunately, absolutely appalling and we had frequent heavy showers almost all day. B473, H Class #263 and 9F #92212 were working on the last day before the extension. Luckily by coincident, I saw 9F was hauling some test train to (presumably) East Grinstead at the Imberhorne Cutting ! It was a shame I did not have a time to visit the Kingscote station today.
18th May: Bluebell afternoon visit after the pub lunch at the Green Man in Horsted Keynes to see the GWR 2251 Class sole survivor #3205 visiting from South Devon Railway until 21st May.
29th Jun: Bluebell visit by taking my 2 visitors from Japan. Although I did not know, 29th was Bluebell Model Railway Weekend, Class 33 Swordfish Running Day, so it was very busy along the line. Also it was a very hot and sunny summer day too and I had to give up to buy ice creams because the queue was too long !
25th Jul: I went to Bluebell to attend the Photographers' PTS training course at Sheffield Park. After the course, I spent my time to picture GWR Small Prairie #5521 (as MET L150) currently visiting Bluebell.
28th and 29th Jul: I again took a Japanese visitor (who is a railway enthusiast) to Bluebell and accompanied him for both days. Therefore I did not go the lineside and pictures are mostly taken from public footpath or station platform.
26th Oct: Last day of BST in 2013 and the first day for visiting Mainline certified LMS Stanier Black 5 #45231 'The Sherwood Forester' to service trains after her arrival at the Blubelll on 22nd Oct.
9th Nov: SECR C-class #592 blasting away from Horsted Keynes.
16th Nov: Sunny Saturday that I cannot remember when was the last time we had. I managed to visit the Bluebell in the morning. The car park area at Horsted Keynes was occupied by many lorries that I would reckon belong to some TV, Film company. Perhaps filming of "Downton Abbey" or "The Woman in Black" next week ?
15th Dec: Short visit to Bluebell to see Santa Specials Trains in the appalling weather. LMS Black 5 #45231, SR U #1638 and Newly restored SR S15 #847 were in action.